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Around the world there are millions of people who are engaging in martial arts training. There are many different types of martial arts that range from taekwondo to jiu-jitsu to judo and even more Western practices such as boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling. Martial arts are practiced by children as old as five or six up to adults. While the obvious purpose is to help people properly defend themselves, there are many other benefits to martial arts training. Self Defense Skills You can learn to defend yourself from being attacked or caught in an unexpected situation thanks to martial arts training. Each discipline provides you with the ability to ward off an assault and defend your family if need be as well. Martial arts such as kickboxing and taekwondo for example are good at reaching out and stopping someone who is away from your body while judo and wrestling are good when you are grabbed. Stamina The training for all the martial arts disciplines consists of repeated exercises that will result in improving your stamina and endurance. This is a great way to get into shape because most martial arts work the entire body and you will be focused on form which means that they will not become boring. For many, martial arts provide an excellent way to get into shape while being able to defend themselves. Coordination The essence of becoming better at the martial arts discipline that you have chosen is improving your hand-eye coordination. The repetitive exercises combined with improved muscle conditioning results in greater coordination so that you can better defend yourself in unexpected situations. However, the coordination extends to many other aspects of your life that includes playing games, completing projects, and so forth. Flexibility Another advantage is the improved flexibility you will enjoy thanks to the exercises that are part of your martial arts training. For each maneuver, your body will have to bend, stretch, and move in different ways which loosens the muscles and creates greater flexibility. Over time, you will become more flexible which means less stiffness and muscle pain. While arguably not as effective as yoga, you will increase your flexibility in ways that can be of great use in case you are faced with a particular danger. Confidence Perhaps most importantly is the confidence that you will enjoy when participating in martial arts training. This is because you will not only feel the difference in your body, but accumulate more knowledge when it comes to defending yourself and enjoy new friendships as well. By participating as a group activity you can increase the benefits that the training provides through building relationships that are founded on a shared interest. There are many benefits that martial arts training provides no matter the discipline you choose. From judo to taekwondo and more, you can choose the discipline that interests you the most. This is a form of training that will augment your physical capabilities and provide greater social awareness even if you never have to defend you or your family or friends from an attack. Martial arts performances are amazing to look at and magical at times. Martial artists are called artists because their movements are similar to dancers and gymnasts. The reasons why people participate in this sport vary widely. Learn more about the benefits of starting martial arts training. Discipline Martial arts are designed to instill discipline in its participants. That is why so many parents enroll their kids in martial arts classes. Young children and teenagers learn to obey their instructors and focus mostly on perfecting their moves. Participating in martial arts requires that you stay concentrated on what you are doing, follow instructions and motivate yourself to advance to a higher level. There are different levels of martial arts. For instance, anyone who enrolls in taekwondo has to start out with a white belt. Eventually, a master of taekwondo earns a black belt. Most students discipline themselves to work hard and eventually earn the black belt. Self Defense Self-defense is another major reason why people participate in martial arts. Everyone is afraid of getting hassled on the street or inside of the home. In the U.S., home invasions have dramatically increased as the population has increased. More homes are being invaded where people are tied up and robbed. Countless people are robbed for their cars, money or personal items. Training in martial arts is one of the best ways to defend oneself against robbers, burglars and attackers. Many people do not believe in fighting with guns. One reason is because they are afraid of guns and do not want to become murderers. So, they believe that fighting with hands is more honorable and challenging in a good way. Most people agree that beating someone up by hand leaves a bigger mark than just shooting that person. To defend themselves, they would rather break a robber’s arm than simply shoot him in the head and kill him. Exercise Engaging in martial arts is an advanced form of exercise. Typical moves include kicking, jumping, doing flips, punching and spinning around quickly. Performing these moves is guaranteed to burn enough calories in one day. When you consume calories, you must burn them off to maintain a healthy weight. That is why most martial arts practitioners are thin, agile and strong in their limbs. A martial artist is an important member of Asian culture. In non-Asian countries, people have taken up the enthusiasm for this sport. The sport is promoted mainly for the purposes of self-defense, discipline and physical strength. Different people have different reasons why they decide to become martial artists. It is important that you learn the benefits of starting martial arts training and why this sport is popular all over the world.

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